About Presence Orb

Our history

Founded in 2013 with a simple goal of delivering valuable insights to brick-and-mortar business’, Presence Orb has expanded to operate in over 54 countries processing over 4 billion data points daily.

Over the past 5 years Presence Orb has significantly contributed to the application of IOT and AI in brick-and-mortar business’. Leveraging its capabilities to proactively engage visitors and enhance their experiences in-venue. Presence Orb’s abilities have helped clients highlight on areas they can optimise offerings, operations efficiency and brand loyalty.

Presence Orb has won a number of awards and accolades, placing us as thought leaders in industry. We are continuously developing our product to provide the best analytics offering. Each week we roll out more and more functionality to Presence Orb, allowing our customers to get closer to and to better understand their customers.

Our vision :

Our mission is to bridge the gap between online and offline visitor behaviour insight. Understanding how customers engage in your spaces allows you to increase brand loyalty, improve experience, optimise operations for better product-market fit and accurately evaluate campaigns and measure success.


Presence Orb uses your existing wi-fi network to provide a comprehensive set of analytics capabilities. From Guest Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Marketing and Wi-Fi Analytics; access to the dashboard can be setup remotely in as little as 15 min. Our dashboard is entirely customisable to ensure insights fed back are accurate, relevant and bespoke to suit your specific needs.

Presence Orb’s robust​ platform allows for business’ in industries such as retail, hospitality, leisure, property management and transport networks to understand/track how customers and staff use their commercial space. This data is analysed to provide actionable business intelligence and real-time, location-based marketing communications opportunities. In addition to the data captured, we support third party data such as sales figures and staffing levels, or open source data such as weather and transport to further enrich insight. Moreover , real-time, location-based customer engagement through app push notifications, email, survey, SMS and more is possible through both existing Presence Orb integrations with service providers or can be developed bespoke to either be controlled in-dashboard or triggered over API.

We help you engage with customers using our Machine Learning algorithms to optimise on predictive analytics. Insight into the next 7 days of street traffic, individual visitors and linger time can help you optimise on product offerings.

To Learn more about Presence Orb and to meet the team please request a demo using the button below. We look forward to working with you.