Measure Customer Experience & Thrive

Measure Customer Experience & Thrive Don’t learn the hard way! Your customers matter and delivering the right experience for them  can help you stand out. The current retail environment – online and offline – is heavily influenced by experience. A new approach to fulfilling your customers experience is through experiential […]

Measure Your Venue Marketing Like A Website

Taking lessons from ecommerce can help you increase impact, reduce costs and save you time Businesses are discovering that data can be one of their most valuable assets, and this data can have a direct impact on the business’ bottom line when used to measure and evaluate things such as […]

WiFi’s The New Toilets For Gen Z

WiFi’s the New Toilets for Gen Z From pumpkin-spiced lattes to the cold brew craze, coffee is no small matter. Its popularity in the US has grown steadily over the last 18 years. In 1999 only 9% of US adults were drinking coffee daily. Last year, that number hit 41% […]

How Long Should You Dwell On Linger Time?

How Long Should You Dwell On Linger Time? When someone visits one of your venues, they could be in and out, they might spend a very long time in one area, or they could spend longer in some zones than others. Capturing, recording and analysing this engagement throughout their journey […]

Why Brick-and-Mortar Stores are Still Thriving in a Digital World

Why Brick-and-Mortar Stores are Still Thriving in a Digital World   It’s true that online shopping is convenient and more accessible than ever, with online channels of shopping continuing to show great signs of growth. However, it is a misconception that physical brick-and-mortar stores are in danger of disappearing thanks […]

Retail – To Buy or Not To Buy

To Buy or Not To Buy: What  Factors Affect Buying Behaviour? When a business is developing its success strategy, one of the key considerations they must make is the buying behaviour of their customers. Analysing the decision process of your customers and how they act can be a very revealing […]