Measure Customer Experience & Thrive

Measure Customer Experience & Thrive Don’t learn the hard way! Your customers matter and delivering the right experience for them  can help you stand out. The current retail environment – online and offline – is heavily influenced by experience. A new approach to fulfilling your customers experience is through experiential […]

Are you Wi-Fi Aware?

The public announcement this past week of Wi-Fi Aware technology has been met by much confusion in the retail space. We hoped to create an impartial cliff notes of the technology, its potential use cases and potential pit falls. At Presence Orb we are constantly reviewing new technologies, standards, data […]

UbiquiFi – WiFi for the IoT

Recently news about the Internet Of Things (IoT) have been everywhere from the well known wearables to the rather more niche “Fish Finder” & Pacif-i What each of them has in common however is connectivity! With baby steps most of us have been introduced to the smart watch as our first point of […]

Google I/O – Android M

Android M tighter locations Google IO has just been, the keynote as always let us in on the big news but the interesting info as it so often is was in the small print! One of the larger announcement was heralding the arrival of the developer preview of Android M. The […]