Venue analytics, using Meraki WiFi and MV sense to achieve your analytical goals

Measure your success

The ability to detect consumer movement enables venues to understand customers in the physical environment.  With up to 80% of the population owning a smartphone, accessing that data through a venue’s existing WiFi network has never been easier. Using an existing WiFi network gives the freedom to set up remotely in as little as 15 min without additional capital expenditure. With actionable insights, venues can increase brand loyalty, improve experience, measure campaign success and optimise on operations for better product-market fit. 

In addition to utilising WiFi infrastructure, camera insights are readily available to help venues keep track of visitor counts, movement and behaviour in real-time. For example, the MV Sense enabled Meraki camera allows to better schedule staff, measure queue waiting times and optimise on space. It also allows to effectively implement zoning to enhance venue value by attracting tenants that create an ecosystem that can be effectively optimised to the benefit of tenants and visitor satisfaction. 

With an integrated mobile-grade processor on  each MV device, Meraki smart cameras have revolutionized the security camera and video  analytics world, allowing venues to benefit from the wealth of analytics insights that can be gleaned through computer vision and machine learning.

Benefits of WiFi Analytics and Object Recognition:


Identify peak traffic times to effectively manage  staffing requirements/levels to maximize engagement with your customers.


Better understand conversion ratios by  measuring footfall counts in real time.

Maximise intelligence with wi-fi analytics to  identify which of these consumers are repeat visitors.


Capture insight into how the venue is being used.  The real-time detection of presence, location and number of people in a given space enables effective allocation of resources – helping to  reduce expenditure by 30%


Boost customer service by accurately managing  and measuring queue waiting times. Utilizing object recognition within the Meraki MV Sense camera, for example, queue times can be monitored down to the second.


The MV sense integration enables venues to organise their space into zones. These zones are valuable for enhancing  security and safety planning. For example, push notifications can alert staff when a visitor occupies a no-go area in the venue or hourly notifications on visitor counts.


Effectively engage visitors by effectively measuring marketing campaigns in real-time. The MV enables venues to trigger in-store  campaigns dependant on the number and position of visitors in the venue.


Trigger in-venue campaigns based on visitor  counts to increase dwell times. These times can be broken-down to identify areas of improvement  across venues to optimise on product and service offerings.


Create capacity-based SMS functions to alert  staff at predefined levels of occupancy and dwell time. These can be used to take real-time  proactive measures and improve sales conversions.


By utilizing the Meraki MV Snapshot API in  combination with Presence Orb’s sentiment analysis engine venues can :

•Analyse customer first impressions when presented with a product

•Monitor change in sentiment while awaiting  representative help.

•Compare customer happiness on arrival vs departure