Measure Customer Experience & Thrive

Measure Customer Experience & Thrive

Don’t learn the hard way! Your customers matter and delivering the right experience for them  can help you stand out. The current retail environment – online and offline – is heavily influenced by experience. A new approach to fulfilling your customers experience is through experiential marketing. However, this goes beyond selling products and services.

Experiential marketing, also called engagement marketing, is a strategy that directly engages consumers and encourages them to participate in a brand experience. It is based on creating memorable and innovative customer experiences to create deep emotional connections between the customer and the brand.

Take the recent launch of Primark’s Friends styled café, for example. It’s aiming to create a nostalgic opportunity to reminisce about the show and how it made them feel. Customers can sip their coffee from signature oversized coffee cups whilst sitting on the iconic Central Park couch, where their favourite characters made so many memories.

Engagement marketing helps customers feel connected which has a significant impact on how they see and interact with your brand. On the surface, engagement marketing seems simple, but it can be difficult to figure out how to get your customers engaged. The increased use of WiFi marketing has enabled businesses of all sizes to explore the capabilities of engagement marketing.

74%of customers say they have a better opinion of a brand after an event 

WiFi marketing breaks the barriers of traditional guest WiFi by effectively enabling you to target and measure consumer engagement based on their location in-venue – making you proactive to campaign responses. Our cloud-based services give you access to the following capabilities:

  • Push notifications on sales and promotions to customers relevant to their previous preferences or, location in the store
  • Automate marketing campaigns based on dwell times, visit frequency and demographics
  • Use zoning to send personalised offers via text or email to customers in-store
  • Redirect your customers to tailored web pages based on demographics
  • Inform visitors on venue features
  • Reach previous visitors who are in the vicinity of your store parameters with special offers to encourage return visits

Coupled with WiFi analytics, engagement marketing gives you valuable customer insight and effective measurement of things such as visitor behaviour, store layout efficiency, window displays and conversion rates.

Let your brand identity be unique! Measure your strategies and enable your brand to achieve your goals by delivering one thing consistently: a great experience.

For no-obligation advice, more information on WiFi marketing provisions, presence analytics and location-based, real-time consumer engagement opportunities, get in touch with the Presence Orb team.