Presence Orb Introduces Cisco Meraki MV Sense Enhancement Integration

Presence Orb Introduces First Meraki MV Sense Enhancement Tool

Delighted to be selected as the first MV Sense integration partner globally, Presence Orb have worked closely with the Meraki team to produce the first data enhancement tool for the global leader in cloud controlled WiFi, routing and security’s newest family of products.

Gain A Deeper Understanding Of Venue Utilization

Detect visitor movement, analyse behaviour and transform the way you monitor your venues using the new MV Sense security camera integration – compatible with MV12, MV22, MV72 and more.


Improve business processes across venues by effectively managing and measuring queue waiting times. Utilizing object recognition within the Meraki MV Sense camera we can monitor queue times down to the second.


Trigger in-venue campaigns based on visitor counts to increase dwell times. These times can be broken-down to identify areas of improvement across venues.


Monitor real time occupancy and improve footfall – utilize directional movement analysis to improve operational efficiency, boost sales productivity and improve staff resourcing.

Meraki Smart Cameras Get Even Smarter

When Cisco Meraki introduced MV security cameras two years ago, the goal was to create a product for an industry that had seen little in the way of fresh, innovative approaches to solving common problems in decades. MV featured a new architecture that fundamentally made the business of installing, managing and interacting with security cameras easier and less resource-intensive.

A yeah and a half later, MV12 was launched and brought advanced analytics to the MV family, including computer vision powered by machine learning – all without the need for servers of additional software.

Next came questions about additional analytics capabilities, and Presence Orb were brought on board to push the boundaries of security camera technology, continuing to enhance Cisco Meraki offerings with bespoke analysis and engagement tools. Using MV Sense Camera APIs, Presence Orb is supporting Cisco Meraki with tools to help users create better, smarter business solutions.

MV Sense is the first installment in a broader analytics category called Meraki IQ, a powerful class of intelligently processed data delivered via simple APIs, which Presence Orb will continue to develop customizable enhancement tools for, working closely with the Cisco Meraki development team.

We were really pleased when the Cisco Meraki team reached out to us about enhancing the MV security camera offering using MV sense. They had a number of existing clients with big ideas on how they could further the data they were getting to understand interaction with their spaces; we jumped on the task of making it happen and are very happy with our first enhancement tools released. We look forward to continuing our close relationship with the Cisco Meraki team, integrating with future APIs and pushing boundaries to turn our clients’ ideas into reality.

Thomas Sheppard, CEO & Founder, Presence Orb

More Information

For more information on what’s possible with Meraki MV Sense and Presence Orb, or to set up a free trial, get in touch with the Presence Orb team today.