Supporting Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise with Launch22

Supporting Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise with Launch22

Our London office has moved, it’s Friday and we’re well and truly feeling good in our new home at Launch22

Presence Orb has moved to Kings Cross and partnered with Launch22 to support entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds. A registered charity, Launch22 is an incubator with a moral cause. Operating two co-working spaces nationally, the team uses proceeds to unlock the potential of individuals on their Scholarship Programme with the training, mentoring and support they need to turn their business ideas into reality.

Thomas Sheppard, Presence Orb Founder & CEO commented, “Having built the business from the ground up and gone through the startup process myself, it’s an incredibly rewarding position to be in where we can not only think about ourselves and our own operation, but actually start to think about how we contribute to the community as a socially responsible business.”

With 90% of entrepreneurs’ business ideas failing in the first year due to lack of support, lack of skills and poor networks, Launch22 provide a structured, 3 month process which aims to equip entrepreneurs with the tools they need to successfully launch their ideas. Following the launch of Presence Orb’s California office in San Diego, the London Team have relocated to Launch22’s Kings Cross co-working space.

“We’re delighted to welcome the Presence Orb team to Launch22! We look forward to having them grow, alongside other startups in the space and provide value and insight to some earlier stage businesses we have incubated here.” – Tom Previte, Head of Operations, Launch22

Targeted towards people who face barriers to work in the UK, Launch22 incubators provide entrepreneurs from all walks of life the opportunity to succeed – operating in the areas that need them the most, and where entrepreneurship is most likely to help alleviate unemployment and reliance on benefits.

“As a keen advocate of corporate socially responsibility, education and social enterprise, I’m really proud to be involved and support the literally life-changing impact that Launch22 have on their incubator students.” – Jade Edinburgh, Head of Partnerships, Presence Orb

Offering training, mentoring and a free environment for networking, Launch22 (registered charity #1156715) operates co-working spaces and entrepreneur Scholarship Programmes from locations in London and Liverpool. For more information, visit or get in touch with the Presence Orb team today.