How Long Should You Dwell On Linger Time?

How Long Should You Dwell On Linger Time?

When someone visits one of your venues, they could be in and out, they might spend a very long time in one area, or they could spend longer in some zones than others. Capturing, recording and analysing this engagement throughout their journey can give you incredibly valuable insight into your visitors’ behaviour. The data analysis team at Presence Orb consider average linger time (or dwell time) to be one of the most important, yet underutilised, in-venue customer behaviour metrics available.

Once you understand how visitors interact with your venues, you’re able to develop and optimise your physical space, and proactively respond to visitor behaviour – edging you and your business closer towards the holy grail of product-market fit.

Dwell time is defined as the length of time an individual spends in a space over a given period of time. Typically reported on as an average dwell time of all visitors to a venue, it can be measured for an entire venue, or your venues can be broken down into reporting zones such as different departments in a retail environment or bar and dining seating areas in a restaurant. Although dwell time can be captured using both GPS and Wi-Fi analytics solutions, Wi-Fi is almost always the first choice for indoor venues and spaces with more detailed zoning required due to GPS accuracy limitations.

As much as understanding how long your visitors spend on average in a space is a valuable insight, we can gain an even better understanding of behaviour by segmenting visitors based on length of linger time.

Below you can see a visualisation of number of visitors to a venue, broken down into linger time ‘buckets’. Breaking down length of time in a venue or zone into time groups – such as under 2 minutes, 2 – 5 minutes, 5 – 10 minutes and so on – allows you to define visitors by how long they spent in a given location. We regularly see clients use this kind of information for optimising store layout, evaluating marketing campaigns and even predicting motive for visit.

On top of measuring effectiveness of things such as store layout, window displays and marketing campaigns, some Wi-Fi analytics solutions such as Presence Orb can use artificial intelligence to predict linger time with up to 94% accuracy and increase efficiency of operational planning – even incorporating historic sales information, weather forecast, local events and more.

Dwell time is just one of many metrics you can use to improve customer experience and drive brand loyalty with Wi-Fi based, in-venue, visitor behaviour analytics. In a competitive landscape, understanding this kind of behaviour – especially when combined with other sources of data available to you – and adapting to customer interaction, can mean the difference between success and failure.

Wi-Fi analytics uses your existing Wi-Fi network (if compatible) to provide valuable customer insight, and create real-time, location-based marketing opportunities. Depending on your current network, you could start capturing data across an entire estate of venues in a matter of minutes; all without site visits, installations or capital expenditure. To learn more, for any questions or to get started, email the Presence Orb team today on