Can Offering Free WiFi Benefit Your Business?

Can Offering Free WiFi Benefit Your Business?

With free hotspots going online all around the UK in major cities like London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Newcastle, it’s clear that free internet access is important to many residents and visitors in the UK.

It got us thinking about what value the public placed on free internet access and whether it is such a priority that your business could benefit from offering free WiFi in your store.

Customer Behaviour

The UK is now a smart phone society so you can expect a large percentage of visitors to your store to have a mobile on their person. What’s more, they’re likely to use it to access the internet whilst browsing – this might be for price comparisons, to look up product reviews or even searching for details of other stores or restaurants.

So, offering free WiFi is likely to encourage your customers to spend more time in your store. Sure enough, 62% of businesses who offer free internet access claim that this is indeed the case, with half of those customers often spending more money as a result.

Having accessible WiFi in your store can give you the key opportunity to market directly to your potential customers. For example, you can collect contact details as consumers connect to the WiFi and open up their browser bringing you closer to them and their busy lives.

Increasing Loyalty

Consumers are growing accustomed with free WiFi and it’s now readily available on public transport, city centres, pubs and hotels.

Meeting customer expectations when it comes to WiFi access can help to differentiate you between your competitors. For example, consumers say that they feel more comfortable sitting in a coffee shop on their own if they can browse the internet on their smart phone, opening the door to a comfortable table for one in any venue.

Customer Tracking

Offering free WiFi doesn’t just benefit the customer – you can use it to your business’s advantage, too. That’s where we at Presence Orb come in.

With our unique tools, we can use the WiFi signal to track a customer’s journey through your store, giving us a greater insight into their ┬ábehaviour when shopping. This could be anything from the path they take through your store to popular products that they spend time browsing. This data could be valuable in helping you improve your services to cater to your target customer.

Overall, offering free WiFi can be mutually beneficial to both businesses and customers. It allows you to offer a better service to your customers, whilst also helping you to gain a better understanding into their journey and how to improve it. So, not only can WiFi boost your business, it will also set you apart from your competitors.