UbiquiFi – WiFi for the IoT

Recently news about the Internet Of Things (IoT) have been everywhere from the well known wearables to the rather more niche “Fish Finder” & Pacif-i

What each of them has in common however is connectivity!

With baby steps most of us have been introduced to the smart watch as our first point of reference to IoT, as the iWatch and Android watches launched however they all required a partner for connectivity (your smart phone) in order to then use the cellular connection to “Phone Home” but that has begun to change.

This week both Android and Apple made announcements highlighting the unlocking of the on board WiFi already stowed away in each of their respective watch ranges.

Android devices with WiFi support

This update will herald an untethered future of wearables which we perhaps all envisaged. There is however one small fly in the ointment.

What networks will our devices connect to while out of home?

At Presence Orb we envisage solutions coming to the fore by the larger WiFi providers throughout the country allowing customers to seamlessly connect their IoT devices as they walk around town, with their devices passing from access point to access point without the need to authenticate, type password and everything else which could be impossible on a device with no interface.

Think of a version of BT Openzone specifically for IoT devices. It’s already in the work by startups such as Veniam.

One thing however we can say with certainty, retailers, advertisers & transport providers all have the opportunity to get onto this requirement early providing IoT friendly spaces for their cutting edge customers.

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