Analyse & Report

Discover your real-world KPIs measuring your business

Understand Behaviour

Learn how your customers behave in your space using Wi-Fi signal analytics

Connect with Customers

Design custom splash pages, and boost mailing list sign-ups

Engage your customer

Engage with your customer through automated emails, sms and surveys all from your customer facing Wi-Fi

We use your existing tech

No expensive or time-intensive outlay utilize your current Wi-Fi network such as Meraki, Open Mesh, Extreme Networks, Cisco, Aerohive and many others.

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We're more accurate than old-fashioned footfall trackers, thanks to our cutting edge tech


Discover busy times and areas, and reduce costs


Generate leads, & build up relationships with your customers

"The impact on society of technology like Presence Orb could be transformative"
"Presence Orb's analytics platform allows brick-and-mortar retailers to apply the same level of customer insight available for online retailers."
"Presence Orb is an awesome partner: highly responsive, technically savvy and, importantly, at the front of their field in regards to privacy and compliance. With Presence Orb, RedPost accomplished in weeks what would have taken us years"