Splash Access offers best in class splash page creation for Cisco Meraki access points providing a fantastically accessible yet powerful splash management solution.

In combination Presence Orb can now additionally present information from opt in users to retailers showing their in store visiting trends, store path and in store browsing habits allowing our retailers to further refine the user experience while tailoring and customizing offers to the needs and wants of individual customers.

The Presence Orb / Splash Access technology partnership provides retailers with:

  • Entry splash paging in store
  • Deep in-store customer insight
  • Customised content for customers
  • Analytics for individual venues
  • Opt-in permissions
  • Accessible WiFi based system

How it Works

Presence Orb without Wi-FI login is anonymous. When customers login to a Wi-Fi splash page such as those provided by Splash Access they opt in to the programme and allow their mobile devices to be tracked using Wi-Fi while in the retail store. This passive analytics shows the retailer how customers engage with the store during their journey based upon age, gender or any other CRM information stored about a user.

With the new integration technology, this presence data can be matched with opted-in user information from Splash Access. The Splash Access component allows retailers to securely authenticate users onto the network and optionally push static or video adverts based on the Access Point location.

Data is analysed on a store-by-store basis, and the customer’s actions and interactions are used as a driving force for their individual experience. The adverts they see can be static, or played back as full screen videos.


Retailers are constantly looking for ways to optimize the in-store experience in the same way they optimize their online presence. Without real time data, this can be difficult.

The Presence Orb and Splash Access integration gives retailers brand new opportunities for engagement and revenue building in-store, instantly. By analysing the data from opted-in visitors, retailers can better optimise their store layouts based on footfall and visitor behaviour. This means offers can be better tailored to customers while they are engaged and ready to buy.

The integration also provides the retailer with data to direct density and placement of staff in the store. And the customer sees content, video or static, that is directly relevant to them.