Orb Spot for Cafe & Bar

The Orb Spot plug and play solution is perfect for single venue cafe's and bars. With a simple install and stylish access point Orb Spot provides a hassle free method of supplying Wi-Fi to your customers while gaining valuable marketing data.

Presence Orb - Orb Spot

Presence Orb - Orb Spot

Only £25 per month

Orb spot access point complete with 1 year management subscription providing a hassle free, professional and super charged customer Wi-Fi solution for your cafe, bar or restaurant. This subscription includes a number of value added features including.

Splash paging 

Allowing you to present a professional & captivating entry for customers to your Wi-Fi. Splash paging allows for the capture of valuable marketing reach.

Social login & Analaytics

Allow users to login using their social network credentials such as Facebook bringing social impact for your Cafe or Bar as they login. As the user logs into the Wi-Fi your business becomes center stage on their wall with a "Like" being applied as a thank you to your venue for its fantastic free Wi-Fi.


Understand your footfall / returning customer numebers and dwell times arming you with the information to increase the efficiency of your venue through big data for the small venue.


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