Understand Your Customer - Measure Performance - Improve Customer Satisfaction



The hospitality sector is increasingly concerned with protecting its bottom line. In an era of enhanced consumer awareness and social media engagement, it pays to understand how customers are using key facilities so that their experience can be optimised and refined.

 On-site optimisation is all about continual, real-time measurement of customer experience, and adjustment to meet your clients’ expectations. Presence awareness is therefore a perfect fit for the hospitality sector. Once you begin to understand how a venue is being used, promotions can be more efficiently targeted to improve profitability, and space can be reconfigured to improve satisfaction and flow. This can be achieved from the moment the customer steps into the building.

With increased efficiency, customers are more satisfied and less likely to report problems or concerns after they have left. Meanwhile, the business receives immediate data on its own custom KPIs, and it is able to compare that data across multiple metrics. 


Presence Orb places discreet WiFi hardware into the venue, and the whole system is designed to respect the consumer’s privacy. Optionally, data can be overlayed with external data sources, including OpenData, in a way which adheres fully to compliance requirements.

 With automated report delivery, the management of this data need not be a burden for small businesses, and multinational chains get the breadth of data they need to make meaningful, segmented, granular, real-time comparisons across venues, cities or sites.