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Presence Orb provides WiFi analytics through in place WiFi networks.

This enables businesses in verticals such as Retail, Hospitality & Advertising to better understand how their customers use their premises and services allowing for the identification of bottle necks & pain points before they effect their bottom line.


A simple to use, hassle free way to collect valuable marketing capital with little setup time & cost. By better understanding your customer your business can serve them better.

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Today's retailers are in a unique position. They can measure, hone, and refine the customer's in-store experience. By combining Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT), Presence Orb gives store owners the tools they need to optimise their retail space.                                                                                  


Brands and buyers want more and more accountability. Campaigns are being measured more stringently than ever before, and there’s an increased need for rich data that provides marketing departments with actionable information on true reach.                                                                                                       



The hospitality sector is increasingly concerned with protecting its bottom line. In an era of enhanced consumer awareness and social media engagement, it pays to understand how customers are using key facilities so that their experience can be optimised and refined.                                                                                     

"The impact on society of technology like Presence Orb could be transformative" - Wired

"Presence Orb's analytics platform allows brick-and-mortar retailers to apply the same level of customer insight available for online retailers." - Retail Week


"Presence Orb is an awesome partner: highly responsive, technically savvy and importantly, at the front of their field in regards to privacy and compliance. With Orb, Redpost accomplished in weeks what would have taken us years.." - Red Post


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