Artificial intelligence, forecasting and real-time analytics for venues with Microsoft and Cisco Meraki

Leveraging Microsoft’s Azure SQL Data Warehouse and Cisco Meraki’s cloud-based networking infrastructure, Presence Orb are taking brick and mortar venues into the future with real-time ‘presence aware’ analytics and accurate forecasting powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Above the Clouds - Presence Orb on tour

This past couple of weeks have been exciting for all the team at Presence Orb. We have announced some new technical partners such a Wire Bird a fantastically forward thinking IT service & solution provider with of course our Wi-Fi analytics product being one such solution!


It is with Wire Bird that we kicked off a fantastic customer engagement tour taking us to the top of three iconic London sky scrapers in a single day.

Proceedings kicked off at a Wire Bird hosted event in the Gherkin St Mary Axe. Speaking with retailers and industry specialists alike about the benefits, cost savings and profit generation available by sweating current WiFi infrastructure on site. We discussed the benefits of understanding your customer journey in store using our analytics suite, mirroring processes typically the bastion of online stores only but for the first time brought to the physical realm.

After being duly fed and watered (Fish and chips in case you where wondering) we headed off to a quick customer meeting in the beautiful Sky Gardens on Fenchurch street. Once again taking us above the clouds to discuss how Presence Orb can benefit a number of separate verticals.

Our next destination and last of the day almost felt like you could reach out and touch it from our vantage point in the gardens, it was of course the London icon "The Shard". Although most of the team wished for a zip line we had to make do with a high speed elevator ride followed by a high speed Uber ride to take us to our last engagement of the day. The True Start investor evening in the shard.


CEO Tom Sheppard takes the stage.

CEO Tom Sheppard takes the stage.


It was here that we where able to update our investors on the latest Presence Orb innovations in machine learning (more to come on that soon) and the fantastic customer results we have seen drawn out from the Presence Orb customer base. Above the clouds for the 3rd time that day it was only right that we toasted the tremendous London sky line before settling in to an evening of chatter among friends.

If you would like to learn more about Presence Orb, Wi-Fi Analytics, Retail analytics or any of the Presence Orb events please do not hesitate to get in touch via our contact us page found here  the team will be all to happy to help.

Are you Wi-Fi Aware?

The public announcement this past week of Wi-Fi Aware technology has been met by much confusion in the retail space. We hoped to create an impartial cliff notes of the technology, its potential use cases and potential pit falls.

At Presence Orb we are constantly reviewing new technoologies, standards, data sources and feeds as they become available. We do this in order to evaluate their possible uses and value in the retail space. We have been following one such standard with great interest over the past 12 months, that standard being Wi-Fi aware.



For those of you unfamiliar with the name Wi-Fi Aware is a standard lead by the Wi-Fi aliance allowing wireless networks to create more powerful proximity experiences for consumers as they walk around their daily lives. Having read that you may be thinking "But isn't that iBeacons?" and you would be right, iBeacons too where produced with the intention of exposing proximity based experiences while in store to the masses, however iBeacons rely upon additional hardware being placed in store, a physical beacon device which can broadcast it's message to the listening ear of Bluetooth enabled devices. This is where Wi-Fi aware steps in.

With Wi-Fi aware retailers no longer need to install new or additional hardware to receive a similar result to that of iBeacons, by sweating current Wi-Fi networks all be it no doubt with updated firmware the retailer can suddenly begin reaping the same marketing benefits to that promised by the bluetooth equivalent. Whats more Wi-Fi aware is by design bi-directional communication allowing for the access point and consumer device to "chat" a much more appealing and robust solution to that offered by the traditionally omni directional iBeacon.

So the question becomes why bother with iBeacons at all? Well iBeacons have their place too. The relative low cost of beacons compared to that of access points allows for a far more liberal opportunity to spread the devices leading to potentially higher accuracy and the first mover advantage is such that we are far more likely to see beacon uptake before the Wi-Fi aware devices start making it to the shelves later this year.

If you would like to learn more about iBeacons, WiFi Aware or Retail Analytics please get in touch via the Contact Us link above. We are more than happy to chat about how Presence Orb can help retailers large and small to uncover the hidden retail gold mine within their physical stores.

Google I/O - Android M

Android M tighter locations



Google IO has just been, the keynote as always let us in on the big news but the interesting info as it so often is was in the small print! One of the larger announcement was heralding the arrival of the developer preview of Android M.

The big news as part of this announcement (for us anyway) was the new Bluetooth scanning capability improving location accuracy on device by allowing applications to switch on Bluetooth to get its bearings even when the user has switched it off. This feature has been used in Wi-Fi triangulation on Android for some time now and the Bluetooth equivalent only helps enhance that accuracy.

Maybe Bluetooth beacons have more value than meets the eye!

UbiquiFi - Wi-Fi for the IoT

Recently news about the Internet Of Things (IoT) have been everywhere from the well known wearables to the rather more niche "Fish Finder" & Pacif-i

What each of them has in common however is connectivity!

With baby steps most of us have been introduced to the smart watch as our first point of reference to IoT, as the iWatch and Android watches launched however they all required a partner for connectivity (your smart phone) in order to then use the cellular connection to "Phone Home" but that has begun to change.

This week both Android and Apple made announcements highlighting the unlocking of the on board Wi-Fi already stowed away in each of their respective watch ranges.

Android devices with Wi-Fi support

This update will herald an untethered future of wearables which we perhaps all envisaged. There is however one small fly in the ointment.

What networks will our devices connect too while out of home?

At Presence Orb we envisage solutions coming to the fore by the larger Wi-Fi providers throughout the country allowing customers to seamlessly connect their IoT devices as they walk around town, with their devices passing from access point to access point without the need to authenticate, type password and everything else which could be impossible on a device with no interface.

Think of a version of BT Openzone specifically for IoT devices. It's already in the work by startups such as Veniam.

One thing however we can say with certainty, retailers, advertisers & transport providers all have the opportunity to get onto this requirement early providing IoT friendly spaces for their cutting edge customers.

Get in touch to find out how Presence Orb can help you create this IoT utopia.

Presence Orb - Property Week

Presence Orb feature in Property Week


Over the past few weeks the team at Presence Orb have been overwhelmed by amount of positive support our product has received from the industry press none more so than by this recent article featured in Property Week in which Presence Orb was highlighted as a true innovation in the retail space.

Presence Orb will continue to grow as a Wi-Fi presence analytics product and we shall continue to enhance our services and offering with the primary goal of helping our partners to better understand their customers in the physical retail environment. 

And if the press keeps saying nice things ... that's great too!

Presence Orb - Information Age

Presence Orb featured in Information Age.

We are very happy to highlight the recent coverage of Presence Orb within Information Age

Today's retailers have technology at hand to measure and enhance customers’ in-store experience to deliver a truly bespoke shopping experience. By combining big data and the IoT, tools such as Presence Orb gives storeowners better insight on how optimise their retail space. 

We are always pleased to see the contribution Presence Orb is making within the retail space positively received and reviewed by retailers and press alike.

Presence Orb works by using in place Wi-Fi networks such as those provided by Motorola, Meraki, Cisco, Ruckus and many others to detect and analyse the mobile phones of customers as they visitor a physical store. The Wi-Fi analytics provided encompass a number of key performance indicators such as areas visited in store, linger time, return percentage and much more.

If you would like to hear more about how Presence Orb may help your organisation no matter how large or small please do get in touch :

Partner news - Splash Access

We are very excited to announce a new joint integration between Splash Access & Presence Orb.

Splash Access offers best in class splash page creation for Cisco Meraki access points providing a fantastically accessible yet powerful splash management solution.

In combination Presence Orb can now additionally present information from opt in users to retailers showing their in store visiting trends, store path and in store browsing habits allowing our retailers to further refine the user experience while tailoring and customizing offers to the needs and wants of individual customers.