Measureable - Easy Setup - Unintrusive


Brands and buyers want more and more accountability. Campaigns are being measured more stringently than ever before, and there’s an increased need for rich data that provides marketing departments with actionable information on true reach.

Presence Orb provides out-of-home media owners with exposure, reach and frequency metrics for advertising. These metrics are compiled on a per-ad-display basis, giving an unparalleled level of granularity.


Using this technology, advertising can be measured according to specific viewer reach: per campaign, per display unit, per network, or according to geographic criteria. Presence Orb’s dashboard makes it easy to segment data in different ways, so you can see the true reach that you’ve achieved amongst out-of-home media customers.

Measurability is key in today’s programmatic advertising, and technology is increasingly moving from home computers to out-of-home displays. Using Presence Orb, brands benefit from a much more detailed understanding of average network frequency – a vital metric. Combined with reach data, advertising campaigns obtain more accurate reports.

The result is a comprehensive dataset that makes it easier and faster to make scheduling decisions. This dataset, and the technology behind it, is unmatched in the industry today.